Germinate 2.1

The John Innes Pisum collection

just like peas in a pod... The John Innes (JI) Pisum Collection ( holds one of the widest and most comprehensive sets of Pisum germplasm worldwide.

It comprises 3030 accessions, representing P. sativum cultivars, landraces and wild Pisum samples (mainly P. sativum, P. fulvum and P. elatius).

In 1993 the Collection became the international genetic stocks centre for the species in collaboration with the Nordic Gene Bank.

The genetic stocks are maintained within the main collection. Other important subcomponents of the collection include a set of 30 pairs of rogue and initial lines, 3 public Recombinant Inbred Line (RIL) populations and a set of host differentials for a range of pea diseases. A further resource was generated as part of the TEGERM project to develop a set of Retrotransposon-Based Insertion Polymorphism (RBIP) markers and screen the JI Pisum Collection, where seed was collected from the individual plant sampled from each accession for DNA.

These samples (TG lines) are clearly derived from the initial accession and are expected to be more homozygous then the initial sample from which they were derived. These samples are utilised where accompanying genotype data could be of value and directly relate to the genotype data in the GERMINATE Pea project.

New Data!

Data from the GLIP project can now be viewed online. Genotypes and array images are available for viewing and download.

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